10 AOS tokens

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10 AOS tokens

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10 AOS tokens
10 AOS tokens
10 AOS tokens
10 AOS tokens
10 AOS tokens
10 AOS tokens

10 AOS tokens

Model Number: 10AOS
Any 10 from list
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AOS tokens, pick any 10 from the 37 all in 3mm MDF

Inspiring, Charge +1, Charge -1, Re-Roll Charge,
Arcane, To Wound +1, To Wound -1, Re-RollTo Wound,
Sinister, Retreat, Enssorcelled, Command Ability,
Deadly, Re-Roll Battleshock, Bravery -1 Bravery+1,
Dammed, Attack +1, Attack -1, Re-Roll Attack,
Mystical, Re-Roll Run, Run -1inch, Run+1inch,
To Hit +1 To Hit -1 Re-Roll To Hit, Befuddled
Shooting-1, Shooting +1, To Save +1, To Save -1,
Re-Roll To Save, Re-Roll Casting, Casting -1, Casting +1,
Inspiring Presence

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